5 Great Reasons to Choose Aluminium Windows & Doors
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Aluminium windows & doors guide - 5 great reasons to choose aluminium

Every property owner wants to know each fitting in their home is of excellent quality, which is why aluminium windows and doors are so popular in the UK. However, did you know some of the benefits which come with them? They not only enhance the look of the inside and outside of a property, but are highly functional too.

Here are 5 great reasons to choose aluminium glazing products for your property.

1.      Slimline designs

Aluminium is one of the strongest materials available when it comes to new windows and doors. It can hold larger panes of glass without the bulky looking, heavier frames which many homeowners don’t like the look of. Aluminium has allowed manufacturers to produce slimmer frames than ever before, so you can make the most out of the views and natural sunlight on offer. This has transformed the way products such as aluminium bifolds and sliding doors look and work. The size capabilities of aluminium products also makes them suitable for commercial projects where larger glazing and glass walls are required.

2.      Durability

The strength of aluminium makes it a durable, long-lasting option for windows and doors. It’s a highly stable material which offers a high level of weather resistance. For example, unlike many older products, the aluminium won’t expand and contract as temperatures rise and fall, and the frames won’t rot or warp. It keeps them functioning as smoothly they should, while maintaining their beautiful appearance with very little upkeep required.

3.      Thermal efficiency

If you’re looking for energy efficient windows and doors, aluminium products often have lower u-values than many other materials. This is thanks to thermal break technology which keeps heat loss to a minimum and provides impressive insulation for properties.

4.      Safe & secure

As one of the strongest materials for windows and doors, aluminium also comes with reliable safety and security features. Every manufacturer is different, but an aluminium window supplier can advise about the various benefits on offer. For example, if you were to choose Origin bifolds for your home, they come with an 8-point locking system, linear bolts, secure hinges and finger-safe gasket technology.

5.      Bespoke looks – hundreds of colours & finishes

Far from being just modern in appearance (although the sleek look of aluminium is highly popular), you can also install this type of window in traditional properties too. Aluminium is a really flexible material, coming in literally hundreds of colours, dual shades and finishes. The paints used for aluminium frames usually include a powder-coated finish so that the colour doesn’t fade over time. The stylish appearance produced is often chosen for both homes and businesses.

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