Blinds for Bifolds Add Privacy To Your Bifolds Automated & Mechanical Blind Options

Blinds for Bilfolds

Opus Aluminium supply and install bifolds with integral blinds fitted to homes and businesses across London and the South East.

Integral Blinds for Your Bifolding Doors

When choosing bifolding doors for your property, planning to install traditional blinds over each panel isn’t always the best option. They may even obstruct the smooth operation of the doors, preventing maximum access into a room.

Integral blinds offer the ideal solution when fitting blinds to bifolding doors, having been installed between the sheets of glass so that they maintain their quality, move in sync with the panels and never get in the way. Here at Opus Aluminium, we install high quality bifolds which have been fitted with integral blinds, sealed within the double glazing units. Your beautiful blinds will be fully maintained inside the bifolding door glass, protecting them from dirt, dust and damage.

Tailor blinds to your bespoke bifolds, ensuring their style and size match your doors to perfection. Mechanisms can vary with options to tilt, raise and lower the slats with rotational magnetic transmissions operated via an external device. This ensures the unit remains completely sealed. There are also motorised units for those who want to programme fully-automated smart home systems.

We use leading manufacturers such as Morley Glass and BetweenGlassBlinds who are experts in creating high quality integral blinds.


Why Choose Integral Blinds?

  • Maintenance-free – While traditional blinds can be a challenge to clean, integral blind systems offer the perfect solution for your bifolding doors, hermetically sealed inside the moisture- and dust-free glass sheets so that you’ll never have to worry about cleaning them again.
  • Easy operation – Integral blinds are simple to use, and you can choose motorised, electronic or manual operation depending on the system installed. Electronic options work at the push of a button with the manually-operated blinds working via a cord loop which drives the external magnetic transmission device. Motorised options allow for integration with smart home operating systems.
  • Style – Choose from a wide range of contemporary designs and colours from classic venetians to stylish pleated options. Match your blinds to not only your bifolding doors, but your décor too. There are also a variety of glazing choices with features such as noise reduction and fire resistance.
  • Privacy – While bifolding doors open up your spaces, enhancing transparency and natural light into your rooms, it’s also important for home owners and businesses to get the privacy they need. Blinds designed for bifolds allow you to control the views coming in and out of your property.
  • Insulation – Control your room temperature with the added protection of blinds, creating another barrier to the outside world while controlling the glare of the sun and solar energy coming into your rooms.

Blinds for Bifolds Add Privacy To Your Bifolds Automated & Mechanical Blind Options Blinds for Bifolds Blinds for Bifolds

The Opus Bifold Door Blinds Range

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