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Configurations – Sliding Doors & Bifolds

When choosing new doors for your property, home and business owners often like to know the products they choose have the versatility to perfectly fit into their spaces.

One of the best parts about all of our bifolds and sliding doors is being able to customise them to your rooms, meaning you can choose how they open, where they’re located and the number of panels you want through a wide range of configuration options. Such flexibility allows for improved access and visibility into your rooms whenever you need it.

Bifolding Door Configurations

The sizes and number of door panels depends on the space you have to fit them in and which manufacturer you choose. Most manufacturers can make each bifolding panel up to 1m wide and 2.5m tall, but Schuco can make them even larger (up to 3m in height).

Straight bifolding panels

Choose up to 8 bifolding panels which can move in inwards or outwards directions and stack to the left or right in different formations either side of the frame. This means all panels can concertina to one side or split in the middle with some folding to the left and a number folding to the right. Smooth-glide systems allow for easy opening and smooth operation.

Corner bifolding panels

Unlike traditional doors which tend to take place along one wall, corner bifolds allow you to open up a room from its corner edges across a 90o angle. Configuration options are as above with each side operating as an individual unit.


Bifold Door 8
Bifold Door 14
Bifold Door 13
Bifold Door 14
Bifold Door 23
Bifold Door 24
Bifold Door 26
Bifold Door 28
Bifold Door 30
Bifold Door 32
Bifold Door 39
Bifold Door 43

Sliding Door Configurations

The configuration of sliding doors may be simpler, but this doesn’t limit the choices you have to ensure you find the bespoke options which are best for your spaces and tastes. Your exact choices will depend on what the manufacturer offers, so you may like to consider configurations when choosing the make of your sliding doors.

Choose up to 6 sliding panels which can stack up behind one another in various combinations along both double and triple tracks for large opening widths. Options include inline, ‘lift and slide’ and ‘tilt and slide’ opening mechanisms, while Schuco’s e-slide option enables you to open your sliding doors at the touch of a button.

Corner configurations are also available.

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