24 Apr
Aluminium window guides - Benefits of slimline windows for your property
Benefits of Slimline Windows
Category: Aluminium Windows, Double Glazing
One of the best reasons to install aluminium windows is their slimline profiles, possible thanks to the strength of the material. But why has this style of frames become so popular...
24 Mar
Glazing expert guides: the best places to install glass balustrades
The Best Places to Install Glass Balustrades
Category: Home Improvements
When you need a stylish, glazed barrier fitted when installing new windows and doors at your property, glass balustrades are a welcome addition to any home or business. If you’re c...
22 Feb
Easy ways to customise commercial bifolds for your business spaces. Connect to the outdoors, enhance views, improve accessibility & choose the right bifold configuration. Design commercial bifold doors for the best look.
How to Design Bespoke Commercial Bifolds
Category: Bifold Doors
Businesses can use new glazing installations to create the ideal look and function throughout their commercial spaces, whether it’s upgrading a hotel lounge area with beautiful pat...
08 Jan
Door accessibility guide - how to use bifolds to improve property access
Improve Your Property’s Accessibility with Bifolding Doors
Category: Bifold Doors, Home Improvements
Many people rely on properties to be accessible to live life easily, whether they’re elderly, vulnerable or require disabled access. Therefore, you may need home improvements imple...
11 Dec
Door design guides - choose the best patio door styles for your home
Best Patio Door Styles for Your Home
Category: Patio Doors
A patio door can be a beautiful feature of both your interiors and garden, providing a gateway to your outdoor spaces. There are several different door designs when it comes to cho...
19 Nov
Aluminium bifold guides - Advice for installing bifolds in small spaces
Can You Install Bifolds in Small Spaces?
Category: Bifold Doors
When designing bifolds for your home, the right layout can mean the difference between creating a spacious feel or a cramped one, so if you’re limited in terms of floor area, it’s ...
16 Oct
Find out more about aluminium windows & how long they last. How often will they need repairs? Why choose aluminium windows? We take a look at the guarantees & why their frames are so durable. Get expert windows advice.
How Long Do Aluminium Windows Last?
Category: Aluminium Windows, Windows
When choosing new windows or upgrading your old ones, aluminium windows are a top choice for many UK homeowners. Their high-quality features and beautiful aesthetics make them a lo...
18 Sep
Aluminium windows - Your easy guide to long-lasting, slimline windows
A Guide to Aluminium Windows
Category: Double Glazing, Windows
Windows and doors make a difference to the overall appearance of your home, often adding colour, style and decorative touches to both the interior and exterior of a property. One o...
19 Aug
Home extension guides - plan bespoke glazing, planning permission & more
How Do You Plan a Home Extension?
Category: Double Glazing, Home Improvements
Home extensions are one of the most popular types of renovation, adding extra space to properties for kitchens, dining, living areas and offices. They can be single or double-store...
16 Jul
Are uPVC Windows Better Than Aluminium?
Category: Double Glazing
One of the most popular types of window in the UK are uPVC, but aluminium collections have been making waves in the industry over the past few years for their quality features and ...
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