Case Study: Steel Crittall Door & Window Screen in Cobham
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While we supply and install a wide range of aluminium windows and doors, we also offer glazing products to be fitted as part of your interiors too. This includes glass balustrades and screens around the home or within business premises. For this next project, we installed a Crittall door and window screen at a property in Cobham, Surrey.

Client Brief: Installing a Crittall Screen to a Wine Store

We were called by our customer in Surrey after they had suffered severe weather damage to their basement. As a result, the property had undergone a complete refurbishment to repair the damage and update its look. This included a wine store area with lighting, which they wished to have enclosed behind a glass screen with a door for easy access.

We first gave the client a consultation to establish their needs, property style and what they were looking to achieve in the space. They wanted to produce an elegant look with a stylish and sophisticated glass screen to showcase their wine store. During the consultation, we showed them several design options before they chose their ideal glazing product – a steel Crittall system.

Crittall is a highly renowned steel window manufacturer, known for creating innovative solutions. Their products are authentic, handcrafted and bespoke, giving a high-quality appearance and feel every time.

The Results

As you can see from the images, the steel Crittall door and window screen create a classic yet contemporary look. This is achieved via the ultra-slim sightlines which allow for larger panes of glass to be used, eliminating the need for bulky frames. This sleek look is possible thanks to the steel used, which can be made in slimline designs not possible with other materials such as uPVC and wood. As a result, the vision of the wine storage is less obstructed, while the beautiful screen fits in perfectly with the other darker coloured fittings in the space.

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