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One of the most popular types of window in the UK are uPVC, but aluminium collections have been making waves in the industry over the past few years for their quality features and overall look. But if we consider uPVC vs aluminium windows, is there a true winner between them? We take a look.


When buying new windows, every property owner wants to know the products they choose will suit their style of property. UPVC is renowned for its clean lines, but what do aluminium windows bring to the table?

The main difference with aluminium is that it’s a metal rather than a plastic. This gives it increased strength to hold larger panes of glass, but it also comes in more slimline profiles.

Many people love the reduction in frame width, creating a sleek, minimal look that opens up the views on offer from windows, bringing in more light. That’s why aluminium is often chosen for large sliding doors and bifolds too for expansive outlooks achieved thanks to the narrow sightlines.


If you’re worrying aluminium is only suitable for modern homes, it actually has a vast array of colours and finishes to help you create the ideal look. Aluminium also comes with a powder coat, producing one of the most sophisticated finishing processes on the market. It allows for greater colour coverage across the window, as well as a better choice of finishes, including matt, gloss, metallic, textured or more. UPVC windows also come in many different shades, but a powder coat can offer a richer quality and wider choice.

Are uPVC windows better than aluminium? We compare aesthetics, colours, durability, energy efficiency & cost. Find out why aluminium windows have risen in popularity. Create the right look for your home with our expert tips.Durability

Both these window materials are highly durable, which means they don’t rust, warp, rot, flake or fade in colour over time. However, it’s always worth checking the guarantees on any windows you’re considering. Aluminium usually has a longer warranty than uPVC thanks to its increased strength, so many people choose to invest in these collections knowing they may not have to replace ever again. That said, both material are excellent choices that require minimal maintenance.

Energy Efficiency

Over time, uPVC windows have become highly energy efficient, so many people worry that as a metal, aluminium will lose more warmth from their home. Luckily, with advanced technology, aluminium windows include a thermal polyamide break, which reduces the conduction of heat through the window. Always look at energy ratings and u-values when comparing products.


Aluminium is the more premium choice thanks to its range of qualities and features, compared with cheaper uPVC windows. Which you choose will come down to the results you want to achieve, and how far you’d like the products to enhance your property’s look and functionality from both inside and out. You should also assess value for money, and how cost-effective your investment is considering how long the windows are expected to last.

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