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Many property owners are choosing bifold doors for their home or business, helping to maximise space and natural light while opening up rooms to the outdoors. But with several brands leading the way in the glazing industry, which aluminium bifolds are best? We look at three of the leading bifold door manufacturers – Schuco, Origin and Smart Systems.

Schuco Bifold Doors

Schuco offers German-engineered bifold doors, renowned for its premium quality and sophisticated designs. Their frames are some of the slimmest in the industry (120mm as standard), allowing larger panes of glass to be fitted. They also provide one of the largest possible bifold doors, reaching heights of up to 3 metres. It means they’re often chosen by architects for commercial projects, as well as residential installations. Schuco bifolds produce a contemporary appearance, provide thicker glass options and have an exceptional thermal performance. This truly is one of the best bifold doors you can get your hands on in today’s market.

Why Schuco? – Choose Schuco bifolds if you’re looking for the highest quality, modern designs and large glazing elements, which are also ideal for commercial premises.

Origin Bifold Doors

Origin is a British door manufacturer, known for making reliable products that last the test of time. Their collection of bifolding doors come with plenty of bespoke features to help you get the design right for your rooms, including a weathered threshold option. As well as their traditional bifolds with 154mm sightlines (the OB-72 range), they’ve also released an ultra-slimline version (the OB-49 range) with sightlines of just 110mm.

One of the defining points about these aluminium bifolds includes an impressive guarantee of up to 20 years, which shows how trusted Origin is in terms of quality and durability. They’ve also worked hard to ensure the doors are as safe as they are secure, including finger-safe gasket technology and an 8-point locking system.

Why Origin? – Choose Origin bifold doors if you’re looking for the UK’s most reliable brand, coming with an industry-leading guarantee. They also have express delivery options in several colours.

Smart Systems Bifold Doors

Smart Systems is a UK manufacturer of aluminium windows and doors. Their bifold doors come under their ‘visofold’ collection with several products available. While they may not offer specifications as high as premium offerings like Schuco, their designs boast an impressive performance that will meet most homeowners’ needs. This includes maximum door heights of 2.5 metres (2500mm), glazing thicknesses up to 36mm for double glazing, the option or triple glazed units and sightlines of just 132mm if you choose their Visofold 1000 doors.

One of the most appealing aspects of Smart’s products is their varied colours and finishes, which includes a Cotswold palette for traditional designs, Naturals for restoration projects, Alchemy shades for anodised finishes and Sensations colours with a textured feel.

Why Smart Systems? – We love Smarts for their cost-effective designs, which come with an innovative range of colours and finishing effects.

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